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Our story

Inspiration.. one word which comes near defining us.. We are a boutique infotech R & D company dedicated to turning concepts into industry.. good at only one thing, besides valour, chivalry and honour.

We just do.. others follow..
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Our USP is R & D, heart and soul:
- C O N C E P T
- D E S I G N
- P R O T O T Y P E
- T E S T I N G


We take about a year to crystallize our concept. Carefully weeding out the 'has been dones'. Then we develop the core raw concept. Slow painful steps to gather inputs and finally... viola ! A new CONCEPT is born!


The design phase touches upon the technology fundamentals and the failsafety. From the start, we design for failure-proofing our concepts. The final stages of Design are reached after 2 years almost..


The prototype phase implements the technology fundamentals. All the rough edges come out here and the final prototype is takes another 2 years.


The testing phase is rigorous and takes 6 months to complete. Just like a Formula I car, we put our prototypes thro torture tests, what if situations and the like.. finally picking the best of breed with soul-techno balance.

To feel our labor of love, just ask.


Elokha Infotech [p] Limited
Bharathi park main 1
Coimbatore 641043
CIN: U72200 TZ2006 PTC 013005
T: +
E: cbe@ elokha.net
S: elokha1

With Soul; beyond mere technology.. please email or call us!

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