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We are currently seeing some great opportunities in India which is soon to be the 3rd largest economy by 2022! We are excited by the global market size of USD 76bn (Gartner) and scope for our infosecurity services and products. NASSCOM has set a goal of USD 36bn by 2025 and 10% of market share in product space! We are ready to take up the challenge - courageously.

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Our USP is R & D, heart and soul:
- C O N C E P T
- D E S I G N
- P R O T O T Y P E
- T E S T I N G


We take about a year to crystallize our concept. Carefully weeding out the 'has been dones'. Then we develop the core raw concept. Slow painful steps to gather inputs and finally... viola ! A new CONCEPT is born!


The design phase touches upon the technology fundamentals and the failsafety. From the start, we design for failure-proofing our concepts. The final stages of Design are reached after 2 years almost..


The prototype phase implements the technology fundamentals. All the rough edges come out here and the final prototype is takes another 2 years.


The testing phase is rigorous and takes 6 months to complete. Just like a Formula I car, we put our prototypes thro torture tests, what if situations and the like.. finally picking the best of breed with soul-techno balance.

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Your business will enable us to seize hot opportunities like epayments, smart devices, etc. We are a zero-debt company managed by UK qualified promoters from respected family with worldwide brand recall. The word ELOKHA is meaningful to over 150m Indian diaspora worldover. Our brandname EUSHAR means 'CAUTION' in Sanskrit, meaningful to 1.4 billion Indians ! Both these words have enduring market value if tapped globally. Using our brands ensure far superior sense to widely known products/services. We endeavour to secure lives better by far.. truly.

Elokha Infotech [p] Limited
Bharathi park main 1
Coimbatore 641043
CIN: U72200 TZ2006 PTC 013005
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E: cbe@ elokha.net
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Beyond mere technology!

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