25.01. 2019 INDIA becomes a favourite for cyber attackers! With volumes of cyber transactions increasing and little security, hackers eye the new 'honey pot'!! Caution Indians!

31.12. 2019 Identity theft, Privacy violations- Social media blamed.Who you gonna call?

State-of-the-art, end-to-end infosecurity management is now a reality with EUSHAR. Single comprehensive suite with all that you need to keep your systems up and running day and night. And that too at a low, low TCO thats hard to beat! Multiple OS environments/end-points are supported. Get THE cutting edge of infosecurity !!

Sharks detect 1 drop of blood in a million gallons of water. Our state-of-the-art Intelligent Intrusion Detector Engine can detect attempted intrusions on nanoscale deviations from the normal-use patterns. Covert attacks are detected using our advanced Covert Channel Recognition Technology - total peace of mind assured.

In the martial art of Judo, the idea is to deflect the opponent's power. The same idea is used against any would-be hacker. Autoinstallations Cryptolocker type of malicious code are stopped. Manages most critical issues in your system and keeps the casual hacker out - like your private bodyguard.

Emphasis is put on the methodology used to defend your system. Similar to attack vectors that hackers use to enter and control your system. Manages your Opensource software and maintains Mandatory compliance - keeps management happy.

Reports are available severity-wise or comprehensively. Information at your fingertips. System status, logs, etc, can be generated on the fly as per your needs.

Many other functions are available to make tasks easy: Backup/Recovery/Task scheduler/ etc...
Backups can be stored securely at remote locations or 3rd party provider.
Tasks can be scheduled to run at off-peak traffic times.
Logs can be maintained in encrypted form, offsite.
and more..